Our Strategic Partners

The Corporate L.I.F.E.™ Centre International Inc. (CLCI) was incorporated as a consulting firm based in the Greater Toronto Area. CLCI has been operating in Canada since 2003 and internationally since 2005. CLCI’s mission is to help clients transform their businesses to High-Performance Organizations™(HPO).

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CLCI work with the client’s senior leadership team to identify gaps in the organization’s strategy, design and culture and provide solutions focused on strategy and its implementation. CLCI is a market leader in creating High-Performance Organizations by offering a holistic and integrated process that ensures the achievement of an organization’s strategic goals. CLCI Integrated Performance Management™ (IPM) methodology is based on the premise that organizations can successfully reach their full potential by transforming into High-Performance Organizations. The key to CLCI success is the well-defined and proven methodology, process, tools, and facilitation techniques we use.
CLCI consulting services focus on four key business disciplines:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Measurement and Management Systems (PMMS)
  • Talent Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management


The Institute of Business Management aspires to be one of the leading institutions, nationally and internationally, for learning, research, innovation, and adding value to society. 

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The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) is committed to cater to the demands of the evolving challenges of learning and teaching by enabling and leveraging technology in the pursuit of scholarship. Insightful as well as relevant research is undertaken that creates economic and societal impact. 

IoBM tutors innovative mindsets by providing a supportive environment to nurture entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. IoBM aims to foster the ability of critical thinking through experiential learning, inquiry-based learning, and case teaching across several dimensions. Aiming to prepare for the challenges of inclusive growth and sustainability, it advocates the development of future leaders to meet the economic challenges emanating from the evolving local and global paradigms.


Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) was set up in 1954 as a non-profit organization with the mandate to “Take a lead role in management development in Pakistan”. Over the last 5 decades PIM has consistently endeavored to propagate and foster professional management in Pakistan and its basic philosophy has been, “progress through better management”.

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Since the early 1960’s PIM has been recognized as the market leader in the field of Management Training and Development for in-service managers from all sectors of the economy. To date PIM has conducted over 7,557 management training courses and has trained 164,767 managers. Annually PIM conducts 175 training Programs and trains over 4,000 managers.

The foundation of PIM’s success have been built on dedicated professionalism, a thorough understanding of the Pakistani market, a very practical and thorough training technique and a long term non-profit oriented strategy of business. PIM has the largest standing highly professional full time faculty of any training institution in Pakistan. It’s linkage in the past with the Harvard Business School and with Arthur D. Little, P-E International and Ashridge Management College gives it strong international institutional support.

PIM operates from fully equipped, spacious, modern, self-owned, custom-built facilities in Karachi (Head Office) and Lahore (Branch Office).


Orbrix concentrate on the innovation approach in providing training, consultation and even when providing and supply equipment to the stakeholders. The innovation is unique in that custom training and consultation design, development, delivery and beyond that by supplying the designed equipment based on the stakeholders needs.

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This has been the primary focus of the company since 2005. As such, our cache of best practices, proven processes, and lessons learned is unequalled, making us one of the rare experts that can deliver the strategic perspective you need to realize lasting and continuous improvements in performance.
With more than 10 years of leadership in training, consulting, and engineering services, Orbrix has the proven processes, best practices, and lessons learned to bring greater success to governmental and private organization. Our commitment to crafting intelligent solutions and delivering extraordinary service helps us attract the industry’s best experts—professionals who are aligned with our core vision and values


The Native American Iroquoi tribe used the word “Orenda” to describe the mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world and to effect changes in their own lives. It is our objective to help people and organizations to rediscover this force within themselves. That is why we call ourselves Orenda.

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Orenda works in tight collaboration with Stratex. Stratex is a fast-growing tech start-up that started developing a web-based WFM software program two years ago. With their proven and innovative algorithms and a user-friendly interface they are capable of forecasting production processes with 95% accuracy.

We believe in organizations as a force for change. That is why we’ve developed a way to make to invest in your sustainability goals for the long term with the money you save by optimizing your processes in the short term.


IIHRM is the leading Human Resource and Organizational Development Centric Management Consultancy House, incorporated in the democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka, with experienced consultants. IIHRM develop deep and meaningful solutions to address your challenges, with honest guidance substantiated with validity and reliability, relevance to your environment and provide true support.

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Nurturing long-term relationships with clients allows us to better understand your needs, be positively proactive, and stay practically focused on what really matters to you. The firm provides senior-level executive coaching and advisory, CEO succession, Family Business Advisory, as well as Leadership/Management Competency Assessments for organizations and individuals. IIHRM’ s clients range from the largest corporations to emerging growth companies, family and private-equity controlled entities, government and regulatory bodies, and major educational and cultural organizations.


Otium Consultancy Services (Pvt) Limited (“OC”) is a global and local network of experts working with public and private sector clients, bilateral and multilateral agencies, international development organizations, NGOs, NPOs and communities to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

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OC was established in 2015 founded by a dynamic entrepreneur as sole proprietor venture which is now a private limited company.

OC is a management and development consulting firm that is dedicated to providing services and solutions focusing on;

• Advisory Services

• Automotive High Technology

• Water

• Environment and Climate Change

• Industrial Products & Equipment

• Business Process Engineering & Re-Engineering

• Life Science

• Consumer Packaged Goods

• Food & Beverage, Retail & Services

• Banking/Securities, Financial Services

• Trading

• Energy

• Governance

• Health

• Food Security and Agriculture

• Telecom/Media

• Sports & Entertainment

• Transportation

• Real Estate

• Utilities and Public

• HR, Workforce & Economic Mobility